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Fretter - Chords

1.99 usd

If you are looking for a chord reference app: Fretter is what you need! Instead of using databases like most other apps, it calculates chords! No longer are you limited to predefined chords or a few tunings. Slashed chords, advanced chords, Fretter knows them all. You can even do reverse lookups and define your own instruments! It's the ultimate ChordFinder!
Feature list:* Support for Guitar, 4,5-string Banjo, Ukulele, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Pipa and Lute* 50+ chordtypes* Tunings: 75+ predefined* Custom Instruments and Tunings* Reverse chord lookup* Added bassnote (C/D)* Scales* Full Inversions * Chord Intervals* Note Names* Hear how every diagram sounds* Left Handed Option
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